måndag 15 juni 2020

Gotvik's summer picnic in Corona times

Saturday was Gotvik's traditional summer picnic. We kept 1,5 metres distance (or more), unless you lived together  and of course no one with symptoms attended. So I deemed it safe enough, even if I am immunocompromised.
BUT I can't go on public transport, That's too risky - so I took my bike, and headwear that I could wear under my helmet, that is: a St. Birgitta cap. It was 6,4 kilometres and, as always in Gothenburg, rather hilly.

We did have a jolly time in the  sunny weather.

 I made a version of Torta d’herbe alla Lombarda with cottage cheese, eggs, wild mustard garlic and oregano and rosemary from my balcony. It's the first time that I made a pie without a pie form. The dough is hot water, a little oil, salt, and wheat flour.

Here are some photos of us that attended. 

I wore my Italian c. 1300 cotton gown  I was rather interested in keeping cool since I was biking a distance in 27 degrees (80 F) in the shade and strong sun

As you can see in the photo below I was bsuy sewing, I started on a supportive linen shift, which I finished on Sunday afternoon.

After the picnic I biked to a lake, which added some extra kilometres (and steep hills), so I ended up with a neat 20 kilometres of biking that day.

Today I'm off for a hike. I am walking through the forest, and sleeping one night there, to go and see some SCA friends who live 45 kilometres away. I don't have a driver's license and I felt mroe like hiking than biking, because I really look forward to sleeoign in the woods.

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