fredag 14 april 2023

My husband's silk tunicella

 Well, it only took 17 years, but now it is finished for real. I had such great plans, then I made do with something less, and then in  autumn 2019 I decided to cheat and use machine embroidery instead of hand embroidery and cast bronze plaques. Then of course the pandemic happened, and I couldn't go to Alfhild and watch her embroider on my fabric.

The machine embroidery pattern is digitized by ArtEmbroidery on Etsy, of course based on the tncella of the coronation clothes of the Holy Roman Empire, which you can see if you follow the link below. There are more info about the construction, previous iterations of decoration, and my husband actually in it: here is its page.

I have sewn freshwater pearls fro more money than I'd like to think about along both edges of the embroidery on hem and sleeves.

I will update it when I have a photo of him in it.

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