tisdag 18 maj 2021

Plague Wars, new 15th century gown etc

So, last week, Thursday to Sunday was Plague Wars, the online substitute for the biggest camping event in Drachenwald (SCA Kingdom covering Europe, Israel and South Africa) and one of the most important things that I do every year. It gives me joy and relaxation, and usually plenty of time to go swimming. Here and here you can see photos from Double Wars 2019.

At was so lovely to see all these lovely people, to hang out in break out rooms for the after court party (I got quite drunk and happy on Saturday).

It als gave me the opportunity to dress up. On Thursday evening I wore a new hand sewn cotton Italian 15th century gamurra.  

I really have the perfect profile of a substantial quattrocento woman. I will write more about the gamurra later, it will get its own page.

I wore the same outfit on Friday, where I first gave a lecture on the regulation of dress for "common" or "loose" women in medieval and early modern Scandinavia, called "No scarlet for bad girls". It was taped, and when it has been edited I will let you know. For my Scandinavian readers: I did write an article about this in 2014, you can find it in this book: Auður Magnúsdóttir, Bagerius, Henric & Hermanson, Lars (red.), Det våras för medeltiden: vänbok till Thomas Lindkvist, Inst för historiska studier, Göteborgs universitet, Göteborg, 2014

I also did hairtaping on non braided hair for the first time in over a decade. Unfortunately my hair isn't as long as I would like it to be for this style.

Then I had organized a small picnic for a few friends in a nearby park.

Lady Alfhild de Foxley in 15th century Northern European clothing. 

Me munching melon


Fru Ingeborg Svantepolksdotter and Fru Jehane Arbonne rocking the 1250-1325 style which I also wear most of the time.

The rest of Friday was spent making a scroll for the blank scroll competition. I hadn't done any work with gold in over a year, sop it wasn't perfect, but good enough to get quite a lot of votes.

On Saturday I hung out with people and sewed on zoom, and made medieval food for the evening.
I also made some of my favourite food that I eat on Double Wars, which isn't medieval as far as I know: bread made in a cast iron skillet wioth butter and wild garlic. There is so much wild garlic at the Double Wars site. 
And this year I got a pallet collar outside our block of flats and there I have, among other things, wild garlic. 
Wearing my Italian c. 1300 cotton gown for cooking, and picking wild garlic.

The dinner that I made was Lasini and fungi di monte, both from a 15th century Italian cookbook.

Then I changed into my mint green mid 14th century Italian outfit for court (and after party).

The most important thing on Saturday court was Master Antonio beign elevated to teh Order of the Defense, but I also got a surprise:

Made by Edward Boreham.

The Orden des Lindquistringes, my first service award outside of my barony.

That was really a great party, so next day when I was biking 5 kilometres (one way) and back to meet some friends I was rather tired. This is my biking outfit, and when I got home I tied up my braids (they don't fit under the bike helmet anyway) and hung out until five minutes before court.

And pulled my silk brocade gown over it, added a veil and put on my coronet.

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