torsdag 23 september 2021

A white dress is very useful

A plain white muslin dress is verey useful for c. 1800 costuming - you can wear it is as it is, and you can use many different accessories.

I already had a 1790s white muslin dress, but it has coral pink ribbon trim, and a train, which isn't always practical (well, it's never practical, but even less practical). I was much thinner then, but it still fits, thanks to the construction which is adaptable with drawstrings.

But I still wanted one that was just plain white, so I made a new one. I like hand sewing muslin too, it just feels nice.

With a new lace cap, from some broderie anglaise pieces of unclear intended use that I picked up at a thrift store, and a canezou, a kind of over blouse, that I made from striped linen curtains that I got from one of our neighbours.

With the little reversible bopdice that I made for my ball gown.

And with a teal velvet bodice that I made two years ago, but never could decide on the closure. Which was just as well, as it is now so tight that a brooch is the best way to close it.

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