måndag 19 september 2022

Gotvik's autumn picnic

 My SCA barony Gotvik, and I, arranged a picnic for newcomers and old hands, and everybody else, last Saturday. You can never be sure about the weather in Gothenburg, but this day it was fantastic. Sunny and warm (for mid-September) and we had a lovely day, with severeal new people joining in.

I had chosen the place, Näckrosdammen Park, becvaus it is central, and close to the Faculty of Humanities, so it would be easy to find for students, who might be new in town. It is also easy to reach by public transport, and accessible with wheelchair.

What I didn't know  was that this year they had placed two picnic tables at the spot I had chosen - which made it even better.

We started out with one of the tables, but soon we needed the other one too.
 As you can see I brought one of my new bench cushions. I have made two now, but since I carried everything that I needed to teh picninc I couldn't bring both.

I did bring table cloths, and some of my pottery and bentwood boxes though. Lady Alfhild and I had both made cookies to share, otherwise we usually bring our own food. I hade made meat mince pies, which you can see on my lovely, thrifted, replica of a 17th century pottery plate from Karlstad in Sweden.

I borugth extra pottery plates for serving too, because I really need to use some of my enormous amount of feast gear.

And waht did I wear? Well, early 14th century of course, one of my trusted Codex Manesse outfits.
This photis from when we were pacing up at 5 pm, when our site was in shadows, hence the cool colours.

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