måndag 21 november 2022

Too many things made - and too much work to document them

 I HAVE been sewing the last motnhs, but I have been too busy with my paid work - mainly recording lectures on fashion history for a course at Gothenburg University, where I work. 

I have also planned and cooked a medieval feast for 40 people, which took a large toll on my strength. My arthritis is really bad at the moment.

So, blogging has been very low on my priority list. I show my projects on Instagram, and that's about it. However, I will make proper posts about my three latest projects - later

Now you have to be satisfied just with some photos.

* A 15th century Italian masquareade outfit for the masked ball att Festivalo de Caderas, Gotvik's autumn SCA event

* A working class wool Regency wool spencer.

* An early 14th century Italian wool dress, of the by me beloved type with a seam over the bust. (I've written about this style here and here, and a little bit of everywhere, I really do love it)

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