torsdag 16 december 2021

Packing my stuff

 This is not a csotume realted post, but a post about something else that I really like within my historical recreation in the SCA: Feastgear - and boxes.

Unlike my friend Gele who has specific sets for various time periods, with only replicas, I am more for having something that looks right enough, and that I can find in charity shops, with the occasional replica too.

I presented some of my finds in this post  in September last year, but I have even more stuff now.

And I have added a new thing to collect from charity shops: bentwood boxes.

The tea cup is there for size comparison.

All these are from various flea markets/charity shops - the really large one is a find from this Monday.
Unfortunately the large one was decorated with pyrography on the lid, with the name "Kerstin" and the year 1983.
With the help of a knife and sandpaper I managed to get most of it off, and then I painted my SCA badge on it to hide the remnants.

But what to I use them for?

Well, the one to the left is the right size for my feastgear, except a pitcher. This is how I packed it for Autumn crown, the pitcher was in my suitcase.

Now I keep that box packed all the time - always ready for an event ;)

Ideally, of course, my husband is with me at events, and then I need space for his stuff too. Enter, the new, large box. 

Here I am trying to figure out how  to fit the most stuff in it in a safe way. You can see the size difference between the boxes clearly here.

I soon found out that while I could fit the large wooden plates in it, it meant that I couldn't fit two pitchers in it. And I really want that: one for beer and one for water.

So, swapping large wood plates for smaller ceramic plates this is what I could fit into the box: Two pitchers, two plates, two bowls, two large painted glasses, two small glasses for when people offer you stuff to taste, two ceramic jugs for hot drinks, two two-pronged forks, two spoons and one knife. My husband usually carries his knife in his belt so it's only mine that needs to get into the box.

To wrap things I used two hand woven linen towels and a hand woven linen tablecloth, the latter also found this Monday at the charity shop Östhjälpen Second hand in Jonsered outside Gothenburg.

So this is how it worked out. I could probably fit in some more, but this is quite enough for our needs.

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