onsdag 1 januari 2020

New year's dress à la 1919/1920

Like everyone else I have seen all the posts of: "next year the 1920s starts again" or something similar. And they are all of them illustrated with imgaes of women in dress from ca 1925/26, when the dresses were at their shortest.
And that didn't really sit right with me, so when I decided to make a 1920s outfit for my New years eve with the family I looked at images from 1919 and 1920,even if they were harder to find on the internet. I think that I may be a little more 1921 than 1920, but I was also limited to using fabric that I already had: a remnant of velvet and a second hand table cloth which was made from embroidered tulle.


Here you can hopefully see the velvet roses at the hips.

I am very happy with how my hair turned out.

Some of my inspiration images:

For the general shape, with the tunic on top:
Tea dress pattern from Butterick 1919:

A photo of Tyra Eriksson from Vänersborg (which is rather close to my home village) from 1919. From Vänersborg's museum, via the Digitalt museum website.

New Ideas Quarterly from 1918

Vogue fashion plate June 1919

Les modes de la femmes de France 1919

1920s day dress from Butterick, for the waistline and the focus on width over the hips

A lovely evening gown from 1920. The waist is below the natural waist, but not yet at the hips.

French fashion drawings, February 1920:


Les modes de la femmes de France, 1920

I really, really wanted to make a robe de style, but unfortunately they are from later in the 1920s. But there will be more opportunities - maybe even to wear a 1920s gown outside the home ;)

onsdag 25 december 2019

Merry Yule!

I prefer the older word, mainly because it's the same in Swedish (Jul) - but whatever you celebrate, I hope that you're having a good celebration.

Those of you who follow this blog on facebook know that I am currently on sick leave from exhaustion, and that my best friend since 40 years id undergoing treatment for cancer in the throat.

So I don't have much energy for sewing, or really anything. But I made a new dress for yule, from some eyelt fabric that I bought at a second hand store. I wanted to keep as much fo the original shape as possible, sinne the eyelet pattern had direction, so it's made from one ractangle as skirt, another one as most of the bodice, shaped with darts, to the waist, and then straps in front and a yoke in back, plus sleeves. it is no particular period, but with this hair it looks very 1940s-early 50s.

I am alos working, very slowly on a 1919-1920 dress for New Years. Maybe it will be finished. I'm usign a remnant of velvet and a piece of embroidered tulle that was a second hand table cloth that I got from my best friend as birthday present. But I need lining fabric, so tomorrow I am braving the hordes down town to get that.

onsdag 27 november 2019

An empire era tea party

It doesn't have be more complicated than this:
My friend Anna invited us over for tea, with mostly period cakes and biscuits provided by us all. We had lots of tea and a good chat, as well as an attempt to read "The Mysteries of Udolpho" aloud. I say attempt, because it is very slow reading.

The setting was modern, but not jarringly so, and in candlelight it was easy to get into the mood.

First we took lots of ohotos of course, and I finally got around to having proper photos of the grey day dress that I made when I had my foot surgery in August 2018. If you look at the old photos you can see that I was quite a bit thinner then, so I had to start with making a new pair of stays. I chose front lacing stays so that I can put them on myself.

My stays is the only not hand sewn garment in my empire wardrobe. mainly because I needed to try out the pattern before making all that work. I have plans to make a back laced one with cords and quilting later though.

I also had to put in extra pieces in my petticoat/underdress), because I took it in when I was really skinny.

So, here's some photos from the tea party:

Most of the gang, some came after this photo was taken:


Anna and Alfhild conversing.

Anna. The cap was my birthday present to her last year. It is very silly, they tend to be that in the 1790s.

Amanda, who had borrowed my muslin gown. And Gunilla.

 Gaby in her brand new hand sewn gown.

Anna knitting

Amanda and me together

And finally, two phots of me in the grey gown.

tisdag 19 november 2019

A ca 1500 hanbok for Valeria

At Kingdom University I finally had the opportunity to take photos of Valeria wearing her hanbok, traditional Korean dress.

Then it took quite a long time to write the description of the sources, patterns and mateirals that I used. But now it is finished. This is the page with all the images, documentation, literature, links etc.

onsdag 13 november 2019

Surprising, overwhelming, and welcome

Last weekend I together with four friends organized Drachenwald's Kingdom University. I think we did a very good job and the c. 130 people who were there seemed to agree. We had a good programme (if you're curious you can find it on the web site I linked to), a good site and excellent food. And royal courts. And this happened.

Photo: Danel Styringheim

I was suspecting it when hubby packed the 50 years gift champagne that I got from some of my co-workers, but of course I wasn't sure. So instead of sitting at the registration all Friday evening with my friend Alfhild I spent it in vigil, contemplating becoming a member of the Order of the Laurel (SCA stuff). And, as you can see from the images of my scroll, medallion and the pillows that were gifts from my Laurel mother/mistress Helwig and my Laurel sister Lia, I accepted this honour.

The scroll was made by a very dear friend who lives in New York and doesn't play in the SCA anymore, so I managed to produce an interestign mix of tears and laughter when I heard his name.
The medallion used to be my Mistress Helwig's and the box for it was made by Mistress Renike.

I got lots of other gifts, but I haven't had the time to photograph them all, or figure out who gave me what, since my head was all spinning when I got them at the vigil.

tisdag 29 oktober 2019

Accidental fabric shopping

I just might accidentally have bought 6 metres of 80% wool-20 % modal (so sue me for using a wool/cellulose fibre blend ;) ) for this gown today.

You don't often find bright green wool. Now I "just" need good fake fur for  lining the sleeves and some for edging the hem. And silk for the under gown with its gold fringed wide sleeves.

onsdag 16 oktober 2019

Feeling small

having gained back 20 of the 40 kilos that I lost two years ago I rarely feel small tehse days. Except when trying on Måns' houppelande. He is of course much slimmer and in a better shape than I will ever be again, but he is also taller and have broad shoulders. So I look like a kid dressing up in mum's dress.

Kenya loves the houppelande.