lördag 28 februari 2015

A favourite for thirteen years

I think everyone who has been active in the same medieval group as me the last thirteen years must have seen this one at least once. And I'm counting on wearing it at least once this year too. A real wardrobe staple.

And it's got its own page now.

fredag 27 februari 2015

She who looks shall find

I did find some more photos of my gowns by going through years of event photos. For now I have added two photos to the page with my murrey gown and set of clothing from c. 1300. One of them is this photo, showing the cloak that belongs to the set.

onsdag 25 februari 2015

More early 14th century

From the early 20th century, since this gown and headwear was made in 2004. On top of a disussion of the sources you also get a photo of my husband in 13th cnetury garb and of Maja, hardly visible, in her baby sling. Go see!

tisdag 24 februari 2015

My handsome 16th century husband

I do not only make clothes for myself and my daugthers, but also for my husband; here showing off his 1560s outfit.

måndag 23 februari 2015

My only completed 18th century costume

My only completed 18th century costume has now got its own page, with some info on construction and lovely photos of me and Maja in 18th century dress when she was four.

Going Swedish, 16th century Swedish

While I have written about this in my Live Journal it never got into my web page. But now it has a page of its own. With some really bad photos of yours truly.

Once upon a time I was thin

And also pranced around in a linen kirtle.

More info here.

More and more stuff added

As you can see to the left at least half of the costumes from my old web site has been moved and I have also made pages for some of my new stuff, such as my viking woman's outfit, or my mid 16th century Swedish gown.

Last night, when I couldn't sleep I also moved the web page of one my favourite gowns, which is based on a portrait by Anthonis Mor, and of its accompanying dress diary, which shows how it was made.

söndag 22 februari 2015

A cap with pearls in the Scandinavian 16th century style

After one and a half year of procrastination I finally finished my pearl embroidered 16th century cap. Like so many other things I've made from this time and place I got the inpsiration when I wrote my article on 16th century women's clothing in Sweden. Another big inspiration was the article Huffer till theris hoffueder: Sen-renæssancens kvindehuer, ca. 1560-1630 by Camilla Luise Dahl, in the danish journal Dragtjournalen, # 3, 2008.

These caps were known as bonnetter in Scandinavia and were the height of fashion from the middle of the 16th century. In fact, other types of headwear are rarely seen or mentioned.  These bonnetts were clearly seen as a prerogative of the nobility and both Swedish and Danish sumptuary laws forbade women of the burgher class to wear them . Of course the laws in themselves, supported by other documentary evidence, are evidence that this type of cap was also worn outside the nobility. The embroidered bonnett probably evolved from the decorated hairnets worn in the first half of the century

Many examples of bonnetts can be found in Scandinavian and German portraits, for example this portrait of the Danish Queen Sophia, by the painter Hans Knieper.

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I will eventually make more noble costumes from the second half of the 16th century and wear this cap with them; it does not yet have a complete costume to go with it.

lördag 21 februari 2015

Transferring my costume web site

This blog is a way for me too try and make the information from my old costuming web page that I started over ten years ago more accessible. The fact is that I haven't been able to update it for a couple of years due to the programme that I used for making the web pages not working anymore. I am sure that given time I could figure out another way to do this, but it really is too much of a hassle, so the costumes and infromation about them will be here.

Keep in mind that many of these costumes were made over ten years ago, some even more than fifteen years ago, so not only has my knowledge on historic dress grown, but there are many more sources available to us these days. Still, if they ended up on the web page that means that I think that they're pretty okay.

I hope to also add new costumes of course.