måndag 29 januari 2018

A tip: Fashioning the self in slavery and freedom

This is an excellent tumblr, and facebook page for the same.

It's a page by historian Jonathan Square which, I quote: "explores the politics of fashion among people of African descent during slavery and the emancipation era."

Well worth following in both places.

Henri Christophe, ruler of Haiti with his wife Marie-Louise Coidavid 
and daughter (either Françoise-Améthyste or Anne-Athénaïre).

torsdag 18 januari 2018

My latest costume project: 15th century Italian

There will be documentation and inspiration pictures later - fro now I'll just put up a few photos that my husband just took of me.

onsdag 17 januari 2018

Cotton in Europe in the Middle Ages

Last year I held a class on cotton in Europe in the Middle Ages at Double Wars (SCA event). Since many persons who couldn't attend expressed interest in the subject I made that class into an article for the Drachenwald Kingdom Newsletter Dragon's Tale.

SCA members all over the world can access it from the SCAs web page, but I have many readers who are not in the SCA, so with permission from the Chronicler I'm also putting the article here on the blog.