måndag 26 oktober 2015

An SCA event

So, a week ago, me, hubby and Maja went to a local SCA event. I wore some of my new 16th century clothes, and Maja wore her gardecorps.

Handsome hubby, ca 11th century Saxon. Modern shoes though, we don't wear our period shoes outside when it's wet, so to not make the site unnecessarily dirty indoors.

Aaliz de Cordes and Kristina

Posing in Drei Schnittbücher skirt and my new wams and hat.

Ragnhil de Kaxtone and Alfhild de Foxley

Hubby (also knwon as Budde från Mössebodhum) 
and a very nice man, whose name I keep forgetting.

Alfhild's new 16th century English gown

Budde and Majken from Mössebodhum

Me and Majken, her hair matches the lining of the gardecorps.

tisdag 13 oktober 2015

Yet another German/Scandinavian style outfit from the second half of the 16th century

I finished another wams/doublet nad a new, matching, hat on Saturday and today my husband took photos of me wearing it together with my Drei Schnittbücher gown. As mentioned before My computer time is limited by arthritic pain, so the documentation page will have to wait.

måndag 12 oktober 2015

Another example of 16th century separate sleeveless bodice and skirt

Going through som of the newer the images on Livinghistory.dk yesterday I found another example of a lower class woman's costume with a sleeveless bodice (livstycke in Swedish) worn with a separate skirt. It's from interior decoration paintings showing the different seasons and dated to c. 1585

You find the rest of the images, which include a lovely winter scene and the Goddess Diana presiding over Spring, here.

Since I am especially interested in Scandianvian and Swedish manners of dress this one made me happy.

måndag 5 oktober 2015

A gown from Drei Schnittbücher

So, I haven't been writing much lately, due to my arthritis. It hurts too much in my rib cage and in my hop joints to sit in front of the computer, so I'm on sick leave. This means that apart from exercising, to force my rib cage to widen, I spend wuit e alot of time in front of Netflix, hand sewing.

This is the latest result - a gown based on the variations of a gown cut with the bodice in one with the skirt found in Master Tailor's manuscripts published in Drei Schnittbücher.

I was a little short on fabric, so I didn't make any sleevfes, but since sleeveless gowns are seen in German images from the period and I've also found them in Danish probates from the 16th century.

Anyway, I was short on fabric, I only had 2,5 metres, so I made the parts that should be pleated a bit on the small side. It would have worked better if I didn't have such a large tummy.

It's obvious from the side view that it would have been just perfect if I had a flatter tummy, and not over a foot difference between waist and hips.

But, on the other hand - the back skirt looks fantastic!

Besides I plan to wear an apron with it. But it's good to know these things before making my next one.