lördag 23 juni 2018

Exploring Gunnebo House and gardens in Regency clothes

While the regency/empire picnic in September last year was a success Anna and I felt that it would be nice to do something (even) less demanding and organized. So we decided to just put on our gowns and take the bus to Gunnebo, sit and sketch in the English garden, explore the kitchen gardens and the park and have tea and cake at the tea room

In case of chilly weather I made a spencer from lilac cotton sateen this week. It turned out to be sunny, but not too hot to wear the spencer on the way there. That sateen (a sheet on sale) was one of the first fabrics I bought for empire clothing, it just took a while to get around to actually make it. The matching bonnet was made already last autumn.

Gunnebo House

We sat down in the English garden and talked and I took the likeness of Anna with my pencil.

Since it got warmer I removed not only my spencer, but the lower sleeves of my muslin gown, when it was time to explore the kitchen gardens and take tea in the tea room.

Anna leading the way up through the formal gardens

Me in the kitchen gardens after tea.

 When we had finished exploring we went thorugh the woods to the same lake as last autumn and had a long swim.
Then we changed into modern clothing and walked the 2,5 kilometres to the centre of Mölndal, where the trams home leave from. It was just such a nice day that it seemed like a wast to sit on a bus when one could walk.

We passed through Mölndals Kvarnby, with small old houses and old mills.

söndag 3 juni 2018

Lödöse medieval days

On a very hot day (27 degrees C in the shades) I went to Lödöse medieval market with some friends.

I bought two handmade brass veil pins and four olive soaps, and that's all.