onsdag 2 januari 2019

Costuming year in review 7 - Goals for 2019

While I have many ideas and plans there is only one of them that can be classified as a goal: To make a robe a la française. I started making one in 2003, and even finished the petticoat, trimming and all. The I got pregnant and since then I haven't really been interested in making one. It didn't help that I didn't get the pleats on the back to work at all. 

But last year there was this 18th century ball and I started working on a new pair of stays, having given away my previous ones. I also discovered that our old cat had scratched the petticoat so badly that I would have to make something new.
In the end I didn't go to the ball, since I got time for surgery and you don't go to a ball a week after you've had surgery on your foot. But there will be a ball this year too, so I think making a robe a la française is a good goal for this year, in addition to all the medieval and 16th century stuff that I want to make.

I am hoping that making a robe a la française for my doll Arabella will help me sort out the construction for the back too. That will have to wait, however, because I'm busy knitting a jumper on a deadline.

Arabella in her stays and panier.