A red gown based on the Codex Manesse

I made myself an new red wool tunic/gown, whatever you want to call it. Like many of my gowns from the High Middle Ages it is based on the 13th century preserved tunic that once belonged to St. Elizabeth of Thuringia/Hungary.

The visual inspration comes from the Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift, also known as the Codex Manesse, which was painted some time between 1300 and 1330. If you look at the list of my costumes you can see that I have many based on this manuscript.

I also made a blog post about the many ways that you, as a woman, can wear and combine garments based on this manuscript. Red, blue, pink and green are the most popular colours in the illustrations, so one could say that this is a real wardrobe staple. The material is a wool twill and while all straight seams are sewn on machine, all the seam allowances are felled by hand, as is all the hemming and button holes.

The way I wear my hair in the first photo is based on images like this one. My hair is still too short,but I'm "working" on that.

The headwear in the second photo is similar, but the pleated version of the fillet is not seen in the Codex Manesse, only in other artwork from the period.

The "gold" coloured trim is typical both for the manuscript and the period - you don't see it on 13th century gowns, which are otherwise are very similar. In this blog post I show how you do to shape a woven trim around a round neckline. The buttons are brass, and not repålicas of a medieval find, but just something that looks plausible enough in my eyes.

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