A wool redingote ca 1806

Since winter has come I needed some kind of outerwear. Though it really is more of an autumn garment, since it isn't lined, and theefore not very warm.

The sun was very strong when we took these photos, I don't normally have a yellow face.

The fabric is a wool flannel blend. The cuffs, lapels and bonnets are made from a light ecru coloured cotton velvet. The buttons on the redingote are made of cord in the same colour, mounted on plastic, though thankfully that is only visible if you look closely on the back of them.

The bonnet is made from heavy fusible interlining, steel wire and duct tape (to keep the wire in place) :)
As said above it is made from cotton velvet, wich  it also is lined with, to make it warmer. And then it is trimmed with satin bias tape and a velvet ribbon that ties under the chin.

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