Italian 15th century gown in shot silk

 Front and back

Side views:

This gown started its life in 2012 when I deciced that it was finally time to make that gamurra for the giornea that I got married in.

That gown was intentionally Pre-Raphaelite in style, but I had also planned to wear it in the medieval group I'm a member of, when I had made a gamurra. Well, it only took 9 years ;)

But, however I looked I couldn't find a fitting silk damask, so I settled for a printed silk taffeta. It looked okay, but only when worn with something over it, so you didn't see so much of the pattern.

But as I still needed to re-make the bodice to fit my new size I decided that it was time to turn the fabric inside out to get rid of the printed pattern.

I also changed it from sid-back openigns to front lacing. it's not perfect, the lining tends to show a little at the front edges, but it's good enough for now.

I also made a cap for it, based on a couple of quattrocento paintings showing coifs.

I didn't get the shape perfectly right, it puckers on the top/back of the head, but it's a good start for a  new one later.

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