Maja's gardecorps

This a garment that is usually referred to as a gardecorps, an outer garment with a hood and hanging sleeves. These are found from the 13th to the first half of the 14the century. I write lots more about them on this page, where I discuss interpretation of sources and terminology.

It is amde from a lovely slightly checked, fulled wool that I got from my friend Anna. It is lined with viscose, because like so many other kids my daughter Maja doesn't like to have wool against the skin. It should have been silk of course but I use what I have and at least they tend to behave similarly and it's a natural fibre that breathes (regenerated wood pulp).

It is sewn mainly on machine, but in a way that there are no visible machine seams on either in or outside. The lining and outer fabric tare treated as one  in the body of the garment, sewn together in all seams, which is typical for sewing before the introduction of the sewing machine. The sleeves are bag lined and sewn by hand to the armscyes, covering the raw edges there. The hood is also bag lined and pleated at the back to fit the neck hole.

The not so pretty hand made buttonholes:

I don't do tehm often enough to make them really pretty, it takes consistent practice.

Inside out:

Here is a pattern of the gardecorps. The pieces are cut on folded 150 cm/60" fabric. Maja is ca 145 cm tall.

The seem of the sleeves is put on teh front of the arm, to get a good position for the slit which you put your arms through.

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