Two 13th century tunics with optional sleeves

Made in 2004


I always tell my students that the Maciejowski Bible is one of my favourite illuminated manuscripts, and it really is. Not only is it beautiful, but it has so much information about clothing and other everyday objects around 1250 that it really is a treasure trove for the historical costumer and re-enactor.
Since the period 1250-1325 has been one of our favourite periods we have quite a lot of clothes from this period, but these are among those that gets worn most. Especially Rickard's - I think he has worn it on every event we've been to the last ten years.

Mine is made from a sort of fluffy tabby wool, and Rickard's is made from a wool twill. They are cut just like my blue c. 1250 gown, of which you can find a diagram here.

He's wearing a shirt, braies and hose, as well as a coif and (obviously) various hats.

I'm wearing a shift and hose tied with garters around the knee.

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