måndag 13 juli 2015

Some fixes later

Well, I did all three changes, while having a friend over for tea, later dinner, and Elizabeth R on DVD. It does look better and I can live with the pelatign in front, especially since I intend to wear a narrow damask apron with it, like the Swedish woman in Jost Amann's Book of Women's Costume, that I posted in a previous post. Or this one, which is from Hans Weigel's 1577 Trachtenbuch and shows an unmarried woman from Augsburg.

Photo credit: Nordiska Museet

Much better in the back.

And in the front.

The fact that I'm trying it on with a low smock makes it looks rather Italian really. Still not perfectly happy with the pleats in front, but it's good enough. And there will be an apron, as said previously.

2 kommentarer:

  1. It looks lovely. Wear it next time you're visiting.

  2. It will take too much space in my suitcase. But I will bring something pretty.