tisdag 22 september 2015

The bodice is finished, and a new 16th century skirt

Last week I finished the bodice. I am not totally happy with it since I think that it's too short in front and mid back. In the sides it reaches the natural waist perfectly.

Still, the profile is right. I have, however, adjusted the pattern and will make another one, which is longer in front and mid back, with the side seems a little more forward and the straps a little bit further out. I haven't decide which fabric to use yet, so while thinking of that I decided to start on the skirt pattern from Drei Schnittbücher . The Enns master Tailor book which I got the pattern for my doublet from also has a pattern for a skirt to be worn with it.

I just have to decide on the fabric. This is what I want to make: a striped skirt, rather narrow. It's a watercolour by Lucas de Heere from 1575, showing women from Saxony.

But we'll see waht I kind find in my fabric stash, maybe it will be a solid skirt with trim along the hem, as the pattern shows instead.

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