söndag 14 augusti 2016

Medieval week shopping

I only went two and a half days to Visby Medieval week, and I'm really broke so my shopping was very limited.

The metal trims are from Medeltidsmode (the top one) and Korp's respectively, and will become edgings on veils and gebende, like this:

I made an edged veil just before I left, but with more silver-coloured trim. Because that's what I had. Here I am, weaing it at the medieval Chapter House in Visby.

The veil pins in the photo were made by some young guys and I didn't get their name. The pins are square rather than round and I'm afraid that might hurt the fabric. I hope that I can correct this with a hammer though. Anyway, they were the only ones that I found, since most vendors had sold out their stock of pins, and I they were really cheap.

The brass boar fitting is for Rickard and I haven't decided what to put it on yet - belt, hat or a quiver, which I plan to make for him this winter. It's made by Lorifactor, who have the most amazing replicas of medieval stuff. You really should visit their web site.

The "brooch" is from a merchant from Ukraine, whose name I have forgotten, I will try to find out however, because I liked their stuff. It's to be sewn on, but I think that I will make a brass pin myself, since I like being able to move my jewellery from one garment to another.

Most of my time I spent either in camp with my SCA friends or hanging in Hans-Gunnar's from Eikthyrnir, tent, drinking beer and chatting. I did not buy any shoes from him, but I was sorely tempted.

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