onsdag 21 februari 2018

More re-making

They keep growing  :)

I made this gown from Maja in 2016, intentionally too big, so that a class mate could use it for a theater play they put up at school.

This photo is from Double Wars 2017. As you can see it's vaguely Italian, say 1550s-1560s.

Then she grew and the bodice fit much better but the waist is a bit higher, making it more of a c. 1500 Italian gown. So I unpicked the black trim that went down to the waist both in the front and in the back, inspired by the trim placement on Eleonora di Toledo's gown.  Her changed shape meant that the neck opening was too narrow, so I had to unpick that trim too and widen it.

I also made tie-in sleeves and added some of the yellow fabric (the very last piece) at the bottom of the skirt.

She's really not that keen on having her photo taken ;)

2 kommentarer:

  1. The remake came out very well, though! It's attractive and has a good period appearance. What kind of fiber is the yellow fabric made from?

  2. Rayon, it's intended for curtains originally.