måndag 26 oktober 2015

An SCA event

So, a week ago, me, hubby and Maja went to a local SCA event. I wore some of my new 16th century clothes, and Maja wore her gardecorps.

Handsome hubby, ca 11th century Saxon. Modern shoes though, we don't wear our period shoes outside when it's wet, so to not make the site unnecessarily dirty indoors.

Aaliz de Cordes and Kristina

Posing in Drei Schnittbücher skirt and my new wams and hat.

Ragnhil de Kaxtone and Alfhild de Foxley

Hubby (also knwon as Budde från Mössebodhum) 
and a very nice man, whose name I keep forgetting.

Alfhild's new 16th century English gown

Budde and Majken from Mössebodhum

Me and Majken, her hair matches the lining of the gardecorps.

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