söndag 1 november 2015

Painting instead of sewing

According to my firiend and neighbour Anna crafting comes in flares, like my arthritis ;)
And currently I have an illumination/painting flare. So no  sewing, just a little knitting on my Eleonora di Toledo stockings. And lots of painting.

So I thought that I would share my recent work. They are award scrolls for people in the Society for Creative Anachronism , the group in which I play.

Award of Arms based on a French 14th century original, though slightly re-designed and with some additions from the recipients life.

A blnak, that is: one withut a designated recipient yet - I am waiting to fill up the roundle inside the "D" until I know who it is for. Based on a 15th century original, though I replaced the stork in the original with a fighting snail. Because I like snails.

The Order of the Golden Ribbon, for service. Erich who got it is fond of cooking and of drinking (and making beverages), so I replaced the writing cleric in the Italian 14th century original with Erich cooking with a glass of wine in his hand.

The Order of Light, award for Arts&Sciences for our local and very lovely Gudrun. Based on a 14th century Spanish original. The images are of her knitting, shich she does a lot, and of her standing in a beautiful encampment which she has organized.

My husband's Award of Arms, calligraphed and designed by my friend Kristina and painted and gilded by me.

An early scroll, based on a 16th century Flemish original. Before I learned gilding. it now has both has very uneven calligraphy by me and the recipients arms in the shield.

Another early one, the border is 13th century. Not my calligraphy.

Based on a 12th century original of Boëthius De consolatione Philosophiae. Calligraphy by Kristina

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