söndag 3 april 2016

Spring Crown photos

This weekend I was at Drachenwald spring Crown, held at Rockelstad Slott. Which means that I got photos of both me and Måns wearing our matching outfits. I will write down documentation ,inspiration etc next week, but for now I will show you some photos that I, or when I'm on them, my daughter Valeria took.

My one photo of the fighting. So many people take photos of that and I was more interested in watching. And in sewing on my new shift.

Judging A&S competition entries with Lady Tece de Kaxtone

Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter and Lady Ragnhil de Kaxtone

Posing in the park in my pink cotte.

Park and lake, it was so beautiful.

The castle, seen from the lake.

The castle again

Valeria by the lake, after breakfast, before I did her hair. In her pretty 16th century German dress.

Valeria again, with her hair in a net.

Me before the feast, in the room that Valeria and I shared.

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