lördag 11 juni 2016

A picnic

It is early summer and the barony of Gotvik had a picnic in a nearby park. Not many of us showed up, but those of us who did had a very pleasant afternoon. And I wore my new printed gown for the first time.

Me and Alfhild posing.

And Budde and me.

I was goign to finish Budde's new tunic - mi-parti in the printed wool and the red wool I bought a few weeks ago, but I've been ill. I also didn't have any suitable buttons at home. So he wore one that I made in 2003. But the hose are new; I made them at DoubleWars in May.

Alfhild in  silk brocade, Budde relaxing on a blanket.

And then Julia turned up.

And Gaby and Linus.

Mayken brought a friend from school. Luckily I have lots of medieval clothes for kids, since Mayken has older twin sisters.

I made Pyes de Pares (Pies of Paris), which even the kids enjoyed.

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