onsdag 8 juni 2016

Women's hair headwear from the later 14th century - some images

While having an SCA officers' meeting yesterday the topic of headwear to use with a gothic fitted dress came up. So, I thought that I'd put up some good pictures for Katarina Krognos to look at. The selection method is: "pretty pictures that I have on my computer hard drive".  So, in short: there are much more comprehensive collections of images of headwear from this period out there on the net, but at least there may be some that you haven't seen yet.

Hairnets, which suits the younger unmarried girls better than us middle aged ladies.

Another for the young unmarried girl. If you're Italian: a small net on the back of the head.

BNF Français 343 - Queste del Saint Graal Tristan de Léonois Folio1r 
Milan, Italy 1380 - 1385

The always popular frilled veils, ca 1370

Weltchronik, Germany, Regensburg, ca. 1360. MS M.769 fol. 139r.

Three slightly ruffled veils on top of each other. Missal of Louis de Male.

Two ruffled veils on top of each other. Speculum Humane Salvationis, German or Austrian 1360s

Braids folded and hanging down by the temples, and a circlet. Again not that suitable for us without  a veil on top.

 Berry petit heures (Burgundy)

The same hair-do on an Enlish effigy.

Here with a very pretty sheer veil, for us married women. The wind is interesting to arrange.

Braids peeking out under a veil, Italian 1370s-80s

Bibliothèque Nationale de France

A seriously wacky hat and veil combo from the Grandes Chroniques de France. Plus a veil with a roll on it and a horn shaped veil in the back far left.

Open hoods are nice. This one from Roskilde in Denmark has wrapped her liripipe around the head.

At least it becomes very obvious is that I am much more interested in the earlier 14th century, around 80% of the images in my collection are from before 1340. At least that makes me original in a country where most re-enactors equals 14th century with the period from 1360-70 to 1400.

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