torsdag 14 juli 2016

My husband's mi-parti tunic

When I printed my wool fabric I didn't use it all for my own printed gown ( I've written about the printing here). I printed enough fabric to be on the safe side and when I was finished I noticed that with some pieceing there was enough left to make my husband a mi-parti tunic. Also c. 1300 style, so we will match. I've shown it before, on a hanger, but today I got him to pose in it.

The tunic is slit in the front and back and can of couse be worn both with and without a belt.

I used the red fabric I bought at Furulunds in Borås for the other half and I am currently making myself a cotte from the same fabric - so I can match his outfit in two different ways :)

One sleeve on my cotte:

Rickard is also wearing his new hose made from thin wool. I use a pattern based on the London finds, you can see how it looks laid out flat on this page. It's noo perfect, but easy to make by cutting after an old pair of hose ;) I made them at Double Wars. I like making things like hose at events, because they're not that fun to make so it's nice with company, and they also don't take up much space.

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