onsdag 27 juli 2016

Women's garment combinations in the Codex Manesse

A cool thing with the Codex Manesse/Grosse Heidelberger Liederhandschrift is that there are so many variations of the same basic garments and combinations. For women the options found in the manuscript are:

1. tunic/gown on it's own with a belt

2. Tunic/gown it's own without a belt

3. Tunic/gown with a sleeveless surcoat

4. Tunic/gown with a 3/4 long sleeve,  straight from the elbow.

5. Tunic/gown with a gardecorps


It may not seem that varied, but with all the possible colour combinations, and all the possible linings in constrasting colours or fur there are endless possibilities.

Adding the large variety of headwear and the possibility of a cloak and maybe a pair of white gloves and you may never need any other inspiration for outfits from the High Middle Ages.

And, for men there are even more garments and options, with split tunics and surcoats, tunics with hoods, or with v-necks or stand-up collars.

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