onsdag 28 september 2016

More 13th century men's underpants

For a person who doesn't wear them I write many posts about braies  :)
It's just that you get so happy when you find more images. And i found this nice 13th century statue in the medieval museum in Bologna:

I've also collected some more 13th and early 14th century braies images from the internet:

The Westminster psalter, showing St. Christopher carrying Jesus over a river. Second quarter of the 13th century

A 13th century bestiary

 These are dated to the first half of the 14th century: The Smithfield Decretetals

Link to the manuscript at British Library

Previous Posts with braies: here and here.

My husband's braies (and the rest of the outfit, scroll down)

I have many more, but now I have to put my youngest daughter in bed. And we can count on there being more posts about braies later.

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