söndag 11 december 2016

Painting another glass, and lots of scrolls

So, it's time for another non-textile post. On Festivalo de Caderas Maja's glass was accidentally smashed to the floor, so I pained a new glass for her:

When I'm not sewing I am usually making scrolls, so I thought that I would share the latest ones:

These I gave out on Festivalo de Caderas in October:

Gotvik's Wayfarer, for those who have moved away and we miss.

St. Egon's Heart, for service. For Cis de Conway and Jacob Gareys.

Scrolls made for the Queen and King and the Princess and Prince of Nordmark to use:

Award of Arms for Aerin of Varovjie. My first on real parchment, and first using uncial script, to match the early period favoured by the recipient.

Blank scroll. I don't know if it has been used.

Award of Arms for Jens Bentsson

Orden den Lindquistringes for Barbara von Krempe

Saladin's Ring, for Alma von Hardewyk

And a mundane one, made for my friends Edward and Suzanne's wedding.

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