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2016 sewing/knitting recap

I like making a list of everyhting I have made (in sewing) during the year, so here goes:

I wrote a lot of posts about different aspects of 13th-early 14th century dress. A lot really. I made several posts on patterned or lined veils.

Things made:
A new belt pouch

I finished my Eleonora di Toledo stockings in silk.

I didn't only write about lined and petterned veils, I also made one. Info about both cotte and veil here.

I finally photographed some of my old clothing from this period, and replaced worn out, too tight sleeves. Here's about all garments in this ensemble, though only the sleeves are really new. But the post is new :)

In all there was a lot of research posted this month, even if I didn't make that many new clothes.


I also started working on embroidered wool gowns for me and my friend Måns. That really took up most of February.

Måns and I were invested as baron and baroness of Gotvik (SCA) . I made these oufits for us, from silk/metal brocade, lined with plain white silk. More photos and info on their page.

I finished my embroidered gown and started working on Måns' matching tunic.

Wrote lots of research-y posts about clothing from this period.

I finished Mån's embroidered tunic and wrote a documentation page about these outfits.

The photos were taken at Drachenwald's Spring Crown Tournament, whihch was great fun. More of my photos here.

Having worn out quite a few shifts this year I made a new one, based on a 13th century preserved Spanish shift.

Since I was giving a lecture on renaissance knitted garments at Double Wars I test knitted a swatch based on 17th century knitted waistcoats. I had spent quite a lot of time researching them for a projeectthat I made for our local museum.
Posts on knitted waistcoats: 1, 2.

This month I also spent a week in Florence together with my friend Sara, it was lovely.

Since the night can be very cold in the beginning of May I  knitted a new pair of 16th century mittens for Maja.

I also made her a new, checked wool 16th century kirtle.

An old interest in printed medeival textiles was rekindled and I made this cotte from offwhite wool printed with red.

During Double Wars I hand sewed a new pair of hose for Rickard.

I also made quite a lot of scrolls and painted glasses for the baron and baroness of Gotvik.


I wrote about later 14th century headwear, mainly for my friend Katarina Krognos. And quite a few other research-y posts.
But apparently I didn't make any new garments this month. I did knit a lot of dish cloths though.

I made a new ca 1300 gown from thin red wool, with a lovely trim I found when I was in Florence in April. Documentation.

My husband got a mi-parti tunic from the remnants of my printed wool and the red wool I used for my new red cotte. Wrote some documentation and discussion on the gowns, and on printed fabric in the Middle Ages.

I made beaded circlets. Discussion and documentation here.

In September I went to Bologna for a conference and got slightly carried away by it. If you use the tag Bologna you will see lots of photos of both buildings and medieval art.

I made a pouch and a set of embroidered napkins for the king and queen of Æthelmarc.

I made a pair of 13th century linen braies with printed ermine tails as a birthday present for the baron.

I made a new pleated fillet

And a new c. 1300 hood.

Read more about both here.

I also made a linen coif, a beaded circlet and a veil for the autocrats of Festivalo de Caderas, but apparently I didn't take any photos of them.

Since they include sewn napkins I am showing the boxes and napkins that I made for the baronial glasses.

More about making the boxes here.

Not something I made, but soemthing that I will "make" - Mistress Helwig Ulfsdotter took me as her apprentice on Festivalo de Caderas, an event in Gotvik.

After visting Bologna in September I got totally obsessed with Italian dress from the late 13th century to ca 1350. This resulted in several posts about high-waisted gowns, surcoats with split sides (and occasionally fronts) and about headwear in the period (use the tag Italy to find them).

And I made my first (all hand sewn) Italian ca 1330 silk gown with split sides.

 A ten year old, not much worn silk cotte got printed pattern in "gold".

A hand sewn mi-parti wool dress in the early 14th century Italian style.

And a weird ca 1300 gown with a "bust seam" over the bust.

And in December I didn't sew much because I was busy making Christmas presents. Though I started on a new mi-parti gown for Maja as well as a 16th century waffenrock for Måns (he's doing the sewing, I'm doing the patterning). And I did make this christmas present for my husband: a quiver based on finds from the Mary Rose (this is the really good research post that I used). The round disc is thick leather (originally bought for making soles for shoes) and the bag is waxed linen canvas, both a gift from my friend Anna. It's hand sewn, which was a right pain the *****. The red fabric is thinner linen and the ties are finger lucet from wool.

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  1. You have made a lot of pretty stuff! (I managed to finish Three things in 2016...)