torsdag 26 januari 2017

A veil with beads

The king of Drachenwald, as well as my own baron of Gotvik, are going to Estrella war in the US next month. As is the custom the king will bring gifts to another kingdom and the whole of Drachenwald is contributing. This is my humble contribution: a linen veil edged with glass beads in blue and yellow, the colours of the kingdom kingdom.

Worn with my not-so-medieval Jesus and Mary Chain t-shirt. Though since you only see the neck you have to trust me on that.

And no, I don't really have documentation of beads on the edge of veils. Ribbons or embroidery yes, and spangles. But at least glass beads are period, as is decoration of edges; and I think it's pretty

2 kommentarer:

  1. Beading the edge of a veil has the advantage of making it drape better, too. I'd be surprised if such beading wasn't done in period.