måndag 13 februari 2017

Guess what I am going to make?

Today my white cotton/silk satin arrived from Pure silks . There was no way I could have afforded 100%  silk satin of this thickness, so I went for a mix, justifying it with the fact that mixes of cotton and silk were not unknown in the 16th century. This is it.

So - can you guess what I'm making? It's for my daughter Valeria btw, not for me.

The trim is from Indiabeautifulart on eBay, my absolute favourite eBay shop.

2 kommentarer:

  1. It sounds like a splendid fabric. For myself I would prefer something colored, not white, but the thickness and high silk-content sound splendid.

  2. I agree totally, but since the original is/was white I'm gooing for that.