torsdag 2 februari 2017

A much better colour

I wasn't really happy with the strong colour of my new silk, nor with the blue tint of the green. But I was content to live with it and thought that I would get used to it eventually. I cut out the front and back pieces and side gores - and let me tell you that that fabric is Evil! It moves if you just think about it.
This meant that I had to recut pieces while sewing to make them fit together (the armscyes looked totally different on the left and rigth sides for example), but now it looks rather good. The body part of the tunic is now hand sewn together and all the seams are felled. Later today I will hopefully have the energy to cut out the sleeves

When sewing I tried removing a smudge of dirt on one of the pieces and found that the fabric became much lighter in the colour. So I washed it. First the two pieces of the gown by hand in the wash basin, then I took all of it down to the laundry room and washed it on the wool cycle. it was a lot of extra dye in that fabric:

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