torsdag 9 mars 2017

Wearing Italian medieval style clothing in a medieval Italian town

I was going to save these photos for when I had the time and energy to make a proper page for the outfit, discussing the inspiration and sources. But with all the work I have to do now that would mean at least a month before I could post the photos my husband took of me wearing early 14th century Italian clothing outside a late 13th century palazzo in Bologna. Which is fitting, since I first noticed this style in paintigns of the so-called "Bolognese school"

And since I am all for instant gratification I'm posting them now. It is the brick building with the wooden pillars, not the red plaster one, which probably "only" is renaissance ;)  Its name is Palazzo Grassi.


3 kommentarer:

  1. You look perfect in these settings!

  2. What a fabulous reminder to get myself into gear and get some done. Not sure I can equal the lovely setting though - how perfect!