fredag 18 augusti 2017

Bonnet mania

Those who know me know that I have a great enthusiasm for period headwear. Silly headwear especially, but any type really.

Since I've mostly done medieval and16th century clothing my obsessive love of bonnets is probably less known. But oh yes, I love bonnets. There is even one time period (1850s) where I have only made the underwear and the bonnet, and never got any further.

Some examples from fashion plates

The 1790s
Unfortunately there are few fashion plates from this period showing only bonnets - on the other hand, the gowns and redingotes are delightful too.


1800 and 1801:





The 1810s 
The 1810s are probably my favourites - so much excess and silliness!





Given this enthusiasm for bonnets it is not strange that I should have made another bonnet yesterday, in the style of the first decade of the 19th century, as you can see. The tank top is in the style of the early 21 st century ;)

I also lined my previously made straw bonnet, more in the style of the 1810s. Taking bonnet selfies is an art :)

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