torsdag 28 september 2017

1790s progress

I've gotten enthusiastic about the embroidery on Valeria's camicia sleeves, so I haven't worked much on my white muslin dress. Add to that a really bad flare in my arthritis on Monday (fever, puking from pain etc), which fortunately has gotten better with the help of prednisolone and not much has happened with my white cotton muslin dress.

Yesterday hiwver, I attached the skirt by had while listening to an audio book and today I tried it on.

Ignore the shift, I just threw the nearest linen shift on and the neckline is both to high and too narrow.

And I will use a longer ribbon. And have sleeves, obviously. I have made those tonight, but not attached them yet. I tried it with the velvet spencer too, I think I will mostly wear it with something over it, my immediate plan is an oper robe from printed cotton.

But first sleeves.

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  1. This is shaping up to be a lovely gown! I look forward to seeing it when it is complete.