fredag 1 september 2017

Checked gowns 1800-1815

I love checks. Especially tartans - in fact my -not-so-secret superpower is to spot tartan clothes and fabrics through other solid objects. But other checks are fine too.

So, as much as a help for myself as for others I decided to post my favourite fashion plates showing checked gowns from the period 1800-1815.

Costume Parisiens 1799-1800 (an 8)

The Italian fashion journal Corriere delle Dame 1808

Madras dress, Costume Parisien 1800-1801 (an 9)

From Journal Fur Fabrik Manufaktur, Handlung und mode, 1801.

put up by Europeana

English Afternoon dress 1801

English Morning dresses June 1802

Costume Parisien 1808

 Costume Parisien 1812

Costume Parisien 1814

Costume Parisien 1815

I am extremely grateful to the Flickr-account "Scene in the Past", which provides so many fashion plates from this period.

La Belle Assemblé: "Sea side bathing dress" from 1815. This dress was not used for actual bathing (the hat sghould be a giveaway), where people appear to have bathed in the nude, in shifts or in special bathing costumes made up of tunics and wide trousers.

Not a gown, but who can resist a checked spencer? Costume Parisien 1811

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