söndag 17 december 2017

I am very, very fast

Last Thursday I ran out of hand sewing on our sewing meeting, so in desperation I started on a project that I hasd thoughtthat I wouldn't work on until spring: a late 13th-early 14th century Italian cotton working class gown.

Bit I am very fast in my hand sewing, so here it is, photographed, and with its own page with documentation and sources.

There are many more images if you follow the link.

2 kommentarer:

  1. I found where Heritage Trading is selling the fabric you used on EBay. It looks like very nice fabric--if I had somewhere to wear an early 14th century Italian working class gown, I'd make one for myself! It's lovely, in its way, both girded up for work and let down.

  2. Thank you.
    One could of course use cotton for later periods too. I spent lots of time looking for brushed cotton for my baron's 16th century fighting gear earlier this years, but couldn't find any suitable.