fredag 1 december 2017

Winter bonnets and hats 1800-1809

So, I have made  redingote from berry red wool with a white pinstripe, and with cuffs and collar from a beige-white velvet. It needs closures, btu sicne I have sprained my ankle I can't go downtown to the haberdasher's. While hoping for a recovery I am thus planning a bonnet or hat to wear with it. So I've been going through period fashion plates for inspiration.

And to help myself bring some order in this I thought that it would be good to make a blog post with winter bonnets and hats.

Polish hat


Velvet bonnet


Velvet hat

Another velvet hat

And another one


Velvet is the thing for winter. Three woollen cloth redingotes with velvet bonnets/hats.

Redingote of "Florence", a type of wool fabirc, and a velvet bonnet worn over a cap trimmed with tulle.


Velvet pelisse and hat, decorated with swansdown.

Velvet bonnet with swansdown.

Wool redingote trimmed with velvet and hat from velvet and satin.

Wool redingote and velvet hat.

Another one of those.


Redingote of woollen cloth and a hat from velvet with satin trimmings.

Another velvet hat

Polish redingote and velvet hat.


The material for the gown and hat is not given, but they're both decorated with silk plush.

Decorated with squirrel fur.

Velvet hat decorated with plush.

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