söndag 8 juli 2018

A medieval wedding

Well, not technically a medieval wedding, because at least in Sweden that would mean agreement between the fathers of the couple and the family of the bride placing her in his bed, but a wedding in medieval clothes, with medieval music by harp and voice.

It was at Hunehals medieval day (this is how it looked last year). This year I didn't camp, which I sort of regret. But we're leaving for Ireland on Tuesday and I really didn't want to deal with medieval camping gear at same time as packing for a week away. Especially not if it had rained so that we would have to dry a tent in our flat. It didn't rain, but I still think that it was a good idea. I got tired and in pain just by packing away our clothing and feast gear yesterday evening.
But next year I will camp!

It was sunny and hot, so we tried to spend most of the time in what little shade we could find. I didn't bring a craft project, so I worked on a cap that Astridh was making for herself. She was making a new surcoat.

Astridh was singing at the wedding ceremony. She had also made a new Swedish translation/adaptation of Belle que tien ma vie , which was very moving. Mattias played the harp, here he is practicing in camp:

For the ceremony he wore his  silk bliaut which now has got some more of the trim sewn on.

Mattias has been busy sewing, because he also has a new early 14th century gown - here posing with my hubby (who looks gorgeous as always) wearing clothing from the same period.

Making new garb seem to be the thing for Gotvik's members. Ysabel had made a new Italian 15th century gown and that style and that colour really suits her.

Oh, and here's the wedding. I was a witness and stood beside the officiant. At the moment we are listening to Astridh singing.

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