söndag 19 april 2015

A 16th century German gown for my youngest daughter

As I wrote previously in this blog I had intended to make a new court gown for my (very soon) eleven year old daughter Maja. However, I soon realized that what she needed wasn't a court gown that I may not even be able to make her wear, but one more gown for playing in when we go to Double Wars (an SCA event) in early May. After all that's what she, and the other kids do most of the time.

As all parents know kids can have very firm opinions on what they will wear. So to make things easier for me I decided to make her a dress "just like" one that Tuva, Aelfwynne of York's daughter, who is 14, and a favourite of Maja's has. Well, reasonably similar at least: it's German 16th century.

And both I and Maja like it

Here is the page on the gown, with info and more photos.

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