fredag 3 april 2015


I have been really ill for over two weeks, it will be three on Sunday and I'm far from well yet, though I don't have a temperature anymore. The flu can take a very long time to get rid of when you already have bad health.

And it couldn't have come at a worse time: I missed the deadline for one of the big research funds, I missed The renaissance Societyof America's conference in Berlin where I was going to present a paper on Swedish sumptuary law in the Early Modern period, and I missed the most fun party of the year, my friend Caroline's Witches' party on Maundy Thursday.

I have also been too ill to do any sewing. Today, however, I felt well enough in the morning to dig out fabric for coming projects:

This is cotton and will be a 1920s dress, much like my Nadezhda Lamanova dress.

This rayon damask will be a gothic fitted dress for my daughter Vendela.

This raspbetty silk shantung will be an Italian 15th century gown for my daugther Maja. 

This is another rayon brocade, which is already shapes as a semicircular cloak. I'm not sure if I will keep it as a cloak or make something else from it. It is teal, but it was hard to get the colour right in the photo.

Then I went for a walk and after that I sat in the sun on the balcony for hours with some friends, so now I am very tired and will probably not cut anything today.

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