söndag 3 maj 2015

Eye candy

I have been busy working (reading some very interesting bourgeois probates from the 17th century) and celebrating May in various ways, but I am actually almost finished with my 16th century short coat. Until it is is finished there isn't much point in putting up photos though.

Since I don't want to neglect the blog I therefore decided to post some photos of costumes that either haven't yet  got a page of their own, or are unlikely to get one.

In these photos I am wearing a 12th century outfit based on German and English manuscript images who often show shorter over tunics with narrow or moderately wide sleeves and narrow "skirt". I like it because it's different from the wide bliauts we most often see made.

Me in 12th century garb, Maja in her viking coat, getting a boiled egg to eat. It was raining a little, so I wore a fringed veil from very thin wool.

Maja, me and Valeria. Valeria's dress is also 12th century and s made from thin wool. 
I think Maja will have grown into it next year.

This is from a Christmas party a year later or so, as can be seen on Maja in the photo. She's wearign the same linen cap though, she really loved that one. This veil is viscose, but I'm pretending it's silk, and I bought it as a scarf from PACS, which is a Swedish aid association that works in Pakistan providing schooling for children, teacher's education and work opportunities for poor women. In 1992 I visited some of their schools.

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