söndag 24 maj 2015

Old stuff

Now that the summer is getting closer - at least if you judge from the calendar and not the icy winds - I begin to long for Visby Medieval week. I haven't been since 2010, but seeing these photos makes me wish that we couldgo this year. Unfortunately holiday schedules and economy will not allow that.

Me and my big girls outside our tent in the weird evening light. You can also see hubby's shadow. I'm wearing this gown, Vendela has her Saxon court gown which I had made for her that year, and Valeria's wears one of my first historical gowns, from 1993. I took in the bodice, but otherwise it fit perfectly.

The whole family is off to the market, mixing time periods like we don't care ;)
Rickard has an outfit from c 1300, Vendela wears mid-14th century 
style and Valeria, Maja and I have lower class 16th century garb.

Vendela, Maja and Valeria at the market. 

Rickard and Maja at the market

Another day in 16th cnetury peasant style outside the city wall.

The big girls looked after the little girl one evenign so we could have a night out together. 
Having beers at Kapitelhusgården (the Chapter house).

It wasn't sunny all days, here we're having dinner in the tent while it's raining outside. 
Vendela took the photos, so she isn't in them.

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