söndag 29 maj 2016

New fabric

Yesterday I, my husband, and our daughter wnt to Jönköping, ca 1,5- 2 hours to the east of Gothenburg, to celebrate hubby's mother's 80th birthday. On the way to Jönköping you pass Borås, the centre for textile, garments and mail order industries in Sweden and we made a quick stop at Furulunds, a fabric store.

They're not super cheap, but not very expensive either and I found lovely thin 100% wool in a soft light red colour, which I bougt five metres of to make tunics for me and hubby.They're (of course) going to be in the 13th-early 14th century style and I plan to use the trim I bought in Florence around the neck and cuffs.

I also found a wool (or wool mix) remnant measuring 1,5X1,5 metres and I'll think that I might make one half of a mi-parti tunic for someone in the family from it. 

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