onsdag 26 oktober 2016

A 1400-1410 painting from Bologna

There's still much more to be shown from my trip to Bologna. The Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna  has some truly amazing art from the whole of Europe. The most interesting for me was, however, the 14th and 15th paintings from Bologna and its surroundings (including Rimini). The interantionally know renaissance and mannierism pieces you can find in books and catalogues, but these are rarely reproduced, if at all, and thus I wanted to photograph all of them.

This is a ca 1,5 metre wide panel on wood by Jacopo di Paolo, dated to the period 1400-1410, showing the life of the Virgin,

And yes, I am planning to make much more Italian outfits from both the 14th,the 15th and the 16th century. I've wanted to since I first went to Florence last autumn, but since baron Måns and I are focuseing on the High Middle Ages in our costuming, most of it will have to wait until we step down. Though I have plans for an early 14th century Italian outfit, I just don't have any fabric for it right now.

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  1. The pink gown with the burnt orange lining that the midwife is wearing in the top photograph looks comfortable; is that one you're considering?

  2. Actually my current plans are or about a century earlier, which, as all early 14th century stuff is very comfortable. And I even found some fabric that I had frogotten when I went through my fabric cupboard on Friday - so I have started on it now.