lördag 15 oktober 2016

A pair of printed 13th century braies

Two things coincided: I found a 13th century image showing braies with a pattern on - embroidered or printed, and the baron of Gotvik turned 40. It was soem weeks ago, but now I finally got to give them to him, since hubby, my daugther Maja and I went to the fighter practice to say hello. Then we took a long walk in the park in the beautiful autumn weather, catching a few pokémon.

Patterned braies:

As soon as i saw that image I knew that I wanted to make patterned braies, so I made hand sewn linen braies with a printed pattern of ermine (from Gotvik's device) for the baron. Here modeled by my husband.

The stamp which I used to make the pattern was my first attemt at carving my own stamps.

It's some kind of plastic material, I got it from Flying Tiger Copenhagen, which is a chain of knick-knack stores.

Me, printing the fabric before sewing the pieces together.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow. What a surprising image--stamped (or embroidered?) braies! I never thought underwear was decorated in the Middle Ages.

  2. Also, I just notices that the man in the gold tunic on the far right has a horizontal design in red across the upper thigh portion of his braies--you can see it through the slit in his tunic.

  3. I was really, really surprised about this too.