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Double Wars in Costumes

So, yesterday I got back from the wonderful SCA event Double Wars, where I spent a week, Saturday to Saturday - living in my pavilion, hanging out with friends. And dressing up, becuse there were plenty of courts, and a masked ball.

This year I went to more classes than I have ever done, most of them dance classes, held by mistress Caitlin from Gaita. I also made a mask for the ball, at a class held by viscountess Wilhelmina Weydehartz.

My husband and youngest daughter came on Wednesday, which of course made it even nicer.

I managed to get good photos of gowns too, so there will be more pages with documentation and discussion as soon as the semester is over and I can focus on something else than work.

Until then I will just show you pictures from the event, and of mine and my friend's and family's clothing.

Alfhild de Foxley showing off her Burgundian finery.

And 14th century

My pavilion and parts of the camp

Inside the pavilion. This was the first time we had a proper bed. Maja's bed is a camping bed with an extra mattress.

Resting in the pavilion

The blue embroidered gown.

Everyday wear ca 1300.

In peplos for Matti's lecture on migration era clothing.

Late 13th century Italian. This gown will get it's own page.

Me and Aelfwynne, the Princess of Nordmark. I'm wearing my new mi-parti gown based on a 13th century Sicilian manuscript.

The same gown, with a belt.

This is also an Italian gown from ca 1330-1340. It needs its overgown from the same fabric, but since this fabric was an absolute pain to cut and sew that hasn't been made yet.

My green and white Italian ca 1320-1330

It's a lot looser than it was, despite me taking it in.

On my way to the masked ball:

Family photo.

Maja in her 16th century german gown. She's grown quite a lot in two years.

And her yellow Italian, going to the ball.

Maja in the woods in her wool 16th century gown.

Matti proudly showing of his Migration era outfit. He also held a very interesting class about clothing in this period.

My husband in his mi-parti ca 1300 gown.

Rickard, late 13th century, speaking with Peder about archery.

Gotvik's camp

Julia and Ysabel in camp

The then not yet Princess of Nordmark, Aelfwynne, and Alfhild in camp.

The newly engaged couple Alfhild and Matti.

Gudrun and Arvid

The whole family, inspecting my pavilion. Dad's name is Emund.

Alfhild and Ysabel

The site

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